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Фильм просто огонь! [[ ПАРТИЗАНКА ]] 1 серия. Русские боевики 2020 новинки HD 1080P

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Lt. Col. Roman Shilov returns to duty! Now he is the head of the regional special department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the disclosure of particularly serious crimes. His personal war on corruption in the ranks of the secret services is moving to a new level. To many, his return haunts. To understand exactly who and to reveal the true reasons for what is happening, he enters into a confrontation with a powerful group, aptly called by his colleague "killer syndicate." At a new post at Roman’s carte blanche: he now forms the staff of his unit and receives more freedom of operational action under the leadership of his immediate superior - General Roshchin. Using the general’s location, Shilov returns to the service of Jackson, and also seeks the transfer of Pavel Arnautov and Svetlana Morozova to his subordination.


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