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Boruto's Dojutsu OFFICALLY CONFIRMED-BoruShiki's BLOODLUSTED RAMPAGE Begins-Boruto Anime Update!

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Boruto Uzumaki's byakugan and Boruto Uzumaki's Jougan eye have been the center of a heated discussion in the fandom as we approach the anime debut of BoruShiki and the promotional guide have finally seemingly put the debate to rest on which eye Boruto Uzumaki has awakened in the upcoming episodes of Boruto Naruto Next Generations and it's sure to leave one side of the fandom disappointed. Meanwhile, some fans have taken issue with Boruto's BoruShiki form in the anime and it's time to clear up some of the issues that fans are having with the anime version of Boruto's transformation as we move closer to the shocking ending of the Team 7 vs Boro fight during the Naruto Rescue mission. From here on out, things will never be the same for Boruto Uzumaki!
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