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By Far The Best Anime You've Never Heard Of

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For every anime juggernaut, there's an obscure title out there, waiting to be discovered. So join us as we explore the best anime you've never heard of, from the tenderest school stories to the headiest heights of science fiction — giant robots, magical girls, and masterless samurai included.

Once upon a time, there was an adorable little hamster named Ebichu. She was a happy little thing, delighted to don her frilly pink apron, do her master's housework, and enjoy the occasional nibble of fancy Camembert cheese. But all was not well in her fairy tale ... especially since it wasn't a fairy tale at all. Ebichu is a raunchy comedy starring a warm-hearted hamster, the 20-something Office Lady who owns her, and all the deprived, depraved, and altogether desperate people that inhabit their world.

Weirdness abounds in the world of Ebichu, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Our hamster heroine might be a starry-eyed dreamer, but she's also the mysterious Ebichuman, superhero extraordinaire, who comes to the aid of couples who need a boost to their love lives. There's also Maa-kun, a soft-spoken weirdo neighbor who nurses a bizarre fetish for the hamster next door.

Episodes center around topics like dirty phone calls, clandestine affairs, and some pretty grim jokes involving hamsters and blenders. Despite Ebichu's cute looks, this is definitely not Hamtaro, but therein lies the joy of the show. It's as adorable as a grade-schooler's favorite cartoon and as R-rated as anything you've ever seen. Sit back, relax, and let Ebichu take you on a journey through housekeeping, deadbeat boyfriends, and all the weirdness people get up to behind closed doors.

Ancient Rome, that land of poetry and politics, is a pretty juicy setting for fiction. Caesar, Corinthian columns, a deity for every conceivable situation — there's a pretty good reason that audiences love Gladiator, Rome, and even Xena: Warrior Princess. Keep watching the video to see by far the best anime you've never heard of.


Ebichu | 0:00
Thermae Romae | 1:39
Gunbuster | 3:25
Ristorante Paradiso | 4:43
Haibane Renmei | 6:06
House of Five Leaves | 7:43
Kaiba | 9:10
Red Garden | 10:35

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