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Top 10 Anime Where Overpowered MC is A Transfer Student Who Seems Weak

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'Top 10 Anime Where Overpowered MC is A Transfer Student Who Seems Weak'
Anime is no stranger to transfer students. We've had people burn someone to a crisp just to show up as the new kid in the class of the only witness out there. However, some shows take an entirely different approach to the whole concept with the op transfer not living up to the image everyone has of him in their heads, at least at the very beginning. So, let's get ready to get deceived with 10 of these titles where the overpowered MC is a transfer student who seems weak.

Top 10 List:
0:00 - Anime With Op Transfer Student
0:30 - Qualidea Code
1:42 - Tokyo Majin
2:39 - Noblesse
3:32 - Tenjou Tenge
4:26 - My Next Life As A Villainess
5:19 - World Trigger
6:10 - Star Driver
7:02 - Tokyo Ravens
7:58 - Luck & Logic
8:50 - Classroom of The Elite

Thumbnail - Tokyo Xanadu (By T.B)

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